Securing appropriate housing can be a challenge during recovery due to discrimination and cost issues. Furthermore, the neighborhoods from which participants come are usually economically disadvantaged and are likely to contain the same cues that have, through a long history of illicit drug use, contributed in large part to their addictions. Homes and neighborhood environments are not always conducive to recovery, and this must be addressed. Providing a living environment that specifically supports sobriety is recognized as a crucial step in the recovery process, and that’s what KLM does.

Our recovery houses provide temporary venues for individuals to access cheap, stable housing in an environment that promotes sobriety and safety. Establishing and maintaining recovery housing is a formidable task, with many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. KLM provides housing to men throughout the Richmond area who are among those with the greatest need.

Current Ministry Needs:
  • Prayer
  • Financial Support – Donate Online
  • Volunteers & Mentors
  • New/Used Men’s Clothing
  • New/Used Furniture (Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom)
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Canned or Dry Food


Your support through donations are vital to our ability to provide these services. Whether you are interested in making a financial contribution, donating items needed by our participants, or offering your time and or services, please contact us as we are excited and encouraged to talk with you.